Saturday, November 1, 2008

Garrett's Birthday and Halloween

Okay so this is really late, I realize, but I wanted to make sure that I got something on here for last month. First off just let me say that my last post talked about how crazy work has been with the stock market and the economy being so volatile. That was nothing. It continues to just tank and people are freaking out even more now. I can understand the older folks who are depending on this money lasting the rest of their lives worrying and bailing out, but what gets me is people who are 35 years old, already riding the market down 45% and then deciding to bail. They have 30 years to recover, they'll get their money back. Anyhow, that's boring stuff nobody really cares too much about.

Last month, on the 14th, was Garrett's birthday. I can't believe he is already six years old. I think he thinks he is sixteen. Now, if you ask him he didn't get nearly enough presents or get to celebrate enough, but he had three parties. On the Monday before his birthday (his birthday was on Tuesday) we went over to his grandma and grandpa's house and his aunt and uncle were also there and he got presents from everybody.
Then on Tuesday, his birthday we opened some more presents with just the four of us.

And then finally on the Friday after his birtday he had another party at our house with all of his friends. He didn't have school that day so Kristel had them all make their own little pizzas and they ate that for lunch, watched "Monster House" and then everbody gave Garrett MORE presents.So after all of this he still wished he could have gotten more. I guess it's tough being a kid.

Of course, Halloween was only a couple weeks later, which he was almost as excited as his birthday about. But for him I don't think he gets all excited for the same reason as most other kids, you know, the glut of candy that they are going to all get. He was excited because he got to dress up a super hero. This kid loves to pretend. This year he was Robin and Jackie was an adorable little cow. This was her first Halloween where she was actually aware that there was something going on. Last year she was only about 4 months old and so she could have cared less. But they were both adorable and had a great time.

They both made out pretty well. Jackie couldn't wait to get into though and proceeded to dump all hers all over the floor in the front room and just started opening everything she could. She didn't really eat any of it. She just wanted to open it. She's funny that way. The night ended really good for me as you can see......