Thursday, March 5, 2009

Three's Company or a Crowd?

It's been forever since I have posted anything but it seems like my life is kinda boring and nothing is worth talking about. Plus I'm not much of a picture taker which is what makes these things fun to look at. But I have to post this. Kristel is pregnant again!!! Of course, she has never been good with pregnancy, or maybe I should say it has never been good to her. She has been pretty sick, especially if she doesn't eat every couple of hours. Kristel says she is kinda hoping it's a boy so that Garrett can have a buddy. I really don't have a preference right now, just as long as it is healthy. I'll post more later with details how everything is going along but for now I just wanted to share our exciting news.


Stoddard's said...

hurray!!! sorry for the sickness, but its worth it right? :)and don't worry all of our lives are boring, hello who wants to read about bahama bucks???

brett and carly said...

Hoooooray! :)

Stoddard Family said...

The more the merrier! We are so excited!