Wednesday, March 18, 2009


So, last Christmas, Kristel helped me to fulfill one of my lifelong dreams by finally getting me an iPod (okay, maybe "lifelong dream" is a bit of an over statement, but I wanted one for a couple of years at least by the time we got it). It was one of the happiest days of my life. We (the iPod and I) went everywhere together and shared some super special experiences. That was until one very dark day this past winter when the thing crashed on me. I was crushed. I thought my life was over. I had lost my best friend. Eventually, I did pick myself up from the ashes of my shattered life and decided to just take things one day at a time. I saved a little each week and by my cunning convinced Kristel to cover whatever portion I didn't save by my Birthday for a new iPod. And so, here it is....

Oh what joy filled my life once again. Only this time it's even better. 120 gigs!!! That's like 13 years of music. Which only means I have to start buying CD's at a superhuman pace now. Or maybe not. (Kristel is giving me the evil eye.) Okay, so this may be a little over the top. But it really is so much easier to carry this one little electronic piece of heaven than it is to lug 500 CD's around. Hopefully this one lasts me for a long time, because I have a feeling if it doesn't I won't be getting another one. Not without selling a kidney anyway. And I probably wouldn't get much for that; who wants a diabetic's kidney?
All joking aside, things are pretty good in the Overman household. The kids have been sick lately but that doesn't seem to slow them down at all, especially our little nudist....

Jackie has gotten to the point where she is not much of a fan of clothes. We will often find her somewhere completely naked and her diaper nowhere to be found. We really have to keep a close eye on her now. And now the weather is finally warming up here, I'm sure it will even get more interesting. I'm totally excited about the weather though. All this snow in the winter is starting to drive me nuts, although this year wasn't too bad. I miss my winters with 70 degree days. I also miss being able to follow my teams in Arizona closely. Maybe that's not a bad thing though, since they seem to keep disappointing me. The Super Bowl was brutal, mostly because the Cards actually gave me some hope, only to have the dagger driven in deeper. I know that was a while ago but sometimes wounds this deep take a while to heal. And the Suns aren't helping with that at all. I think I'm starting to actually hope for the rebuilding to begin. Take a couple of bad years for some good young talent and then see them take off again. How far will ASU make it in the tourney? Who knows, but I'm excited to see them there. The last thing I really miss in AZ is my family. I'm totally bummed that I wasn't there when Carly and Brett's baby boy Kellen was born. She has sent me some pictures and that boy is adorable. I'm excited to see him in May. Anyway, I think that's good for now.

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brett and carly said...

Woo-wee hot legs, Jackie! I'm sad you weren't here too... he can't wait to meet you guys!

PS - Nice dramatic post... though I understand, I'd have just as bad separation anxiety if the same thing happened to my iPod.